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Social media is a wonderful way to meet new people and build new connections. However, matching people in real life can be tough sometimes. You can use social media to discover new people in your network, but unless they have something in common (be it job or hobby), it will be difficult for you to make a connection. In addition, many times when matching in social media a person may not be psychologically ready for the interaction. So therefore in order to be successful with social media, you need to find ways to identify these things.

Or try new ways to match…

The Matcha app is an automatic match making and conversation tool that helps men expand their mind. It is designed to help men broaden their perspectives through the power of conversation while enhancing their efficiency in achieving their personal goals. What’s more, these men can focus on what matters most in life – like discovering new women. The app offers easy to use features to do just that – discover new people with similar interests, searches or travel destinations.

Via events every update!

Have you ever wanted to meet new people but didn’t know where to start? Matcha App is a new app that makes it easy to meet new people easily. It uses your GPS and camera to find people nearby that share your interests. You can even create your own match by sharing a photo of what you are interested in with your matchmaker. It then organizes these meetups so that you can get to know each other faster and outside of your local area.