Insight and other US investors are investing around 85 million euros in the Berlin food startup. This will double the rating within one year.

Julian Hammer, Rogerio da Silva Yokomizo and Daniel Khachab (from left to right) have collected around 145 million euros with Choco.


Scene veteran Lukasz Gadowski had a good nose: At the end of 2018, he joined the Berlin startup Choco, financed the start of the gastro app. In a new round of financing, the company claims it is now valued at 500 million euros (600 million dollars).

Insight Partners, Left Lane Capital, a New York fund of the former Insight investor Harley Miller, as well as the previous shareholders Coatue and Bessemer Venture Partners are investing around 85 million euros (100 million dollars) in the company Ex-rocket Daniel Khachab. The app brings together some of the most well-known US VCs who have already made tech companies like Spotify, Twitter and Shopify big.

From the order app to the fintech solution

Choco has developed an app that restaurateurs and wholesalers can use to communicate: restaurants use the tool to place their food orders, while suppliers send out invoices using Choco. The startup last collected money in spring 2020, which has now reached a total of 145 million euros. Before the Series B, the company’s rating was loud Techcrunch at about 220 million euros ($ 250 million). The value has at least doubled in that one year.

CEO Khachab wants to put the millions in new top personalities, among other things, he says to the start-up scene. Choco recently hired hired a Dropbox developer as CTO. The startup also wants to fill other vacancies with executives from Silicon Valley. Most of the money, however, should flow into the new technology. Choco will offer its customers financial services in the future, so it has built connections for several partner banks.

So far, the payment process has run without Choco, suppliers could only send invoices via the app. Now the restaurants can transfer the money with a click in the app. If the payment term is in the future, the startup offers wholesalers to pay in advance. The startup is following the trend of becoming a payment provider itself. The lightning delivery service Gorillas, in which Choco CEO Khachab is involved as an angel investor, should think about own customer accounts and credit cards.